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Our children will develop understanding and drive critical thinking in an ever-changing scientific landscape; deepening learning through practical investigations, collaborative sessions and for children to relate to our evolving world by reflecting on their enriched learning experiences. To ensure they answer questions based on the world around them, children will build on previous knowledge and skills by undertaking a range of investigations that will reinforce their learning. Over the course of their education career, children will revisit topics to deepen their connections between topics about the world around them. 

We believe that science lessons should encourage independence, therefore all children should have ownership over how they learn. Our quality-first teaching can help children instil a sense of the how science has evolved throughout history and where science is heading.



A positive attitude to Science learning is encouraged and reinforces the expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards. Science is planned and sequenced appropriately and is taught using a progressive approach to build on fundamental foundations to a deeper understanding. Pupils are consistently challenged to recall information both within topics and across year groups to enable conscious connections (including other areas of the curriculum).

A number of assessment tools are used to clarify their learning this includes next steps and pupil/teacher conferences which provide instant feedback necessary for progression. Targeted questioning is used in class to identify pupils’ conceptual knowledge and skills as well as to assess gaps in their learning. Pupil questions are celebrated within the classroom. 

Teachers create engaging lessons, often involving practical resources to reinforce conceptual ideas. This includes timetabled access to the Edible Playground. Pupils work scientifically within all areas, and they are able to select and choose appropriate equipment to use when carrying out their own studies. A range of scientific investigations are used (pattern seeking, secondary source research, fair testing, observations over time and classifying) throughout the school to encourage real-life links to careers to promote our ethos of ‘The Future is Us’.



Science is a local and global discipline; our children will demonstrate positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and acknowledge that nature plays a role in their mental wellbeing.

Our children will be able to think critically and deeply about the world around them.  Hazelbury pupils will have a passion and inbuilt curiosity for investigations. Using their knowledge, they should be able to independently develop their explanations that go further than the classroom. 

Pupils will discuss their findings confidently with an emphasis on using the correct scientific language. Children will be aware of scientific careers and will make links between the jobs they do and how it affects our community and future.



Our children have the opportunity to take their learning further than the classroom. This includes teaching using our Edible Playground which offers a multi-sensory way for pupils to learn about growing and eating healthy food. Science curriculum links are included from Nursery to Year 6.

We have established links with local secondary and primary schools, which allow pupils to experience other aspects of science e.g. Science Fairs. As part of the Ogden Trust, Hazelbury have had new physics resources delivered to broaden and expand pupil knowledge.

We open our doors to visitors to inspire children’s scientific curiosity through tailored workshops that go beyond and deepen their knowledge.

Some experiences and visitors have included: 

  • Science Weeks with a focus on a current issues
  • Silly Science assembly and workshops – Education Group
  • Whole school assemblies from Mad Science/Thames Water to raise awareness of Fatbergs 
  • Annual visit to the Science Fair at The Latymer School
  • Edmonton County Science Challenge
  • Edible Playground workshops
  • Family buddy class science projects
  • Ogden Trust Partnerships
  • Hazelbury World – whole school curriculum focus
  • Science class trips e.g. Lee Valley Forest Experience and The Hampstead Heath Education Centre