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Hazelbury Curriculum- The Future is Us



Enabling Model Citizens of Tomorrow: Learning experiences that are based on self, others and the wider world.

Our curriculum is built on the foundations that through learning experiences our children will become model citizens of tomorrow.  The curriculum encompasses academic as well as personal development, seeing our children as whole individuals that will thrive when their needs are met. The curriculum enables them to develop their skills, whilst creating independence and resilience and enables them to have a clear understanding of the impact that they have on the world around them.

An Ambitious Knowledge and Skills based Curriculum: The curriculum is progressive, providing breadth and depth and reflecting the needs of our local context.

Our curriculum drivers have been developed with an understanding of the local context of our school and the needs of our pupils, ensuring inclusivity.  The enriched creative curriculum topics that are covered and developed through a pupils time at Hazelbury give the children a clear understanding of how this learning relates to them and the context of today’s society, giving them excellent contextual understanding that is beneficial for life. We have high aspirations for all children, regardless of need or circumstance and through the curriculum address any gaps in learning and experiences. 

Our focus on early learning enables children to develop the knowledge and understanding that they need. This early intervention ensures that all children makes progress relative to their starting point and enables readiness for the next stage of their education. 

Wellbeing: Ensuring positive physical and mental health for all pupils.

The wellbeing of our children is paramount and through an embedded values based ethos alongside enhanced teaching and learning in mental and physical health, pupils develop the ability to recognise the importance of this within their lives.    

Cultural Capital: Give students vital background knowledge and experiences required to be informed members of our community. 

Our diverse and rich approach to broadening understanding enables children to gain experiences that enrich their learning and lives. Our school ethos has been tailored to enable a calm, purposeful working environment with a plethora of facilities that enable practical and real learning opportunities outside of the classroom. We also encourage and provide additional opportunities to go out into the wider world to gain further knowledge and understanding that will enhance their learning. 



We provide a planned and sequenced curriculum that is progressive and connected throughout. It is based on the National Curriculum, which allows for specific subject content and expectations and has clear end points. It consists of a thematic approach that includes current contexts and embeds enquiry. This is evident in the long and medium term plans that underpin the teaching and learning, ensuring consistency and progression as well as building long-term knowledge. This is evident within the early years where a progressive curriculum based on the Development Matters seamlessly transitions into the curriculum for KS1 and KS2. 

All foundation subjects have key concepts that are taught, which are threaded through and built upon within the subject throughout the child’s education. Knowledge and skills organisers aid the children’s understanding of their learning and the connections of concepts and previous learning, which strengthens pupils understanding and knowledge over time. 

We ensure the most effective organisation of teaching and learning in lessons. Knowledge and skills are embedded into long term memory promoted via recall, conferencing, questioning and assessment opportunities. This all enables depth of learning.

Pupils effectively learn outside the classroom in the areas provided by the school such as the Performing Arts Studio, Creative Hub, Design and Technology Hub, Music Zone and small study spaces. The school has an extensive outdoor area that contributes to children’s experiences and learning through our edible playground, farm, pond, bird watching station and orchard. Pupils health and wellbeing is also enhanced through our excellent PE facilities, which include outdoor gyms, a large playing field and multiple playgrounds. 

Pupils experiences of the wider world are enhanced through visits and trips which have high cultural value as well as our partnerships with organisations such as I Can Be, WE, Unicef (Rights Respecting) to name but a few. 



Our curriculum enables children to become:

Independent, resilient and respectful citizens who show initiative and have the strength of character to contribute positively to society, both locally and globally.

Pupils who are successful in learning and have gained the knowledge, skills and understanding which they can apply in differing contexts in preparation for their future. 

Pupils that understand how to regulate their feelings and behaviour with a body of knowledge, which enables them to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life.

Children that have a diverse and extensive appreciation of the world around them to prepare them for future success.