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We recognise the importance of teaching Religion and World views in the modern globalised world. Our curriculum reflects our pupil diversity and upholds the British Values. We aim to teach our pupils to explore beliefs and experience; to respect faiths including feelings and values.  Pupils are encouraged to make sense of religion and world views and to reflect on their own.  Through making religion meaningful and relevant to today, pupils will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding they need to interact with others with differing beliefs and perspectives both now and in the future.


Our Religion and World view curriculum is drawn from the six major religions namely, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism.  Christianity is taught in every year group.  

We use the Discovery RE scheme of work. Each half-term we teach Religion and World views during an enrichment day. The children are taught to learn from and about religions. Through an enquiry based approach, pupils are taught to develop a critical and respectful understanding of the key religious concepts and moral issues. We follow a four-step process of enquiry model: Engagement - Investigation- Evaluation - Expression.  Lessons are taught using imagination, creativity and reflection.


Children will have a knowledge and understanding of the major religions and non-religious world views. They will understand the key concepts of Christianity and know the key texts, traditions and beliefs of the major religions including the value of identity and belonging.

Our pupils will have developed empathy with an understanding of others. They will be able to evaluate and reflect on beliefs and how they impact the lives of others and themselves. Some pupils will be able to recognise bias and stereotype. This will help them to refine the way the think about the world and their place within it. 


During their time at Hazelbury, pupils experience a trip to each of the religions’ place of worship to explore beliefs and to develop respect for different faiths, feelings and values.

Each year our local vicar Father Stuart visits the school to answer the pupil’s big questions in KS1. Additionally, we teach three school designed units with a SMSC and British Values: Respect and tolerance focus through workshops in KS1 and KS2 respectively.