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Outdoor Learning at Hazelbury


At Hazelbury Primary School we are very proud of our school’s grounds and we make the most of outdoor learning to enhance pupils’ geographical experiences, helping to develop their curiosity and awareness that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The ability to apply geographical skills, together with fieldwork is one of our curriculum expectations. Fieldwork is an essential part of geography education and we believe that it provides children with opportunities to investigate the outdoor reality, develop subject knowledge, and acquire skills that cannot be enhanced in the classroom environment alone. 

One of our Curriculum Drivers, Cultural Capital, provides pupils with the vital background knowledge and experiences required to be well-informed members of our community. 

The learning opportunities we are able to provide our children, have a significant impact on their perception of the local community and the world around us. The outdoor focus of our lessons allows us to enrich the learning experience, for example, by linking map skills in Geography, natural habitats in Science, and sketching in Art.

Our curriculum encourages investigative and enquiry-based learning. The outdoor areas that we offer at Hazelbury include:

  • Hazelbury Farm: This is located on our school grounds. The children get to meet and experience looking after chickens, rabbits and even our very own pigmy goats- Hazel and Berry! Our Year Six work experience children are also responsible for cleaning the farm! It gives children an opportunity to meet and interact with animals in a way that they may otherwise never get to do.
  • Edible Playground: Children plant and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs and use these when cooking.
  • Orchard: a selection of apple and cherry trees.
  • Pond: Children catch tadpoles and learn about different species of fish.
  • Bird Watching Area: An area used to enhance our mindfulness sessions.
  • Hobbit Hole: This is used as inspiration in creative writing as well as for story time sessions.

We are convinced that outdoor learning has a significant impact on our pupils. It equips them with a diverse and extensive appreciation of the world around them, preparing them to become successful citizens of tomorrow.