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All children will have the opportunity to become confident maths learners who possess fluency and apply knowledge through the delivery of an enriched curriculum, which provides them with the necessary skills to deepen their reasoning, problem solving and understanding of the wider world. 

Hazelbury’s mathematical curriculum encourages both academic and personal development as well as providing every child with the opportunity to learn free from constraints. Through carefully designed lessons, our teachers are able to make meaningful connections between content with a high emphasis placed on reasoning. Access to greater depth tasks within maths sessions provides Hazelbury learners with an easier transition to mathematical mastery. 



Mathematics at Hazelbury is well planned and sequenced to ensure that all aspects of maths are thoroughly covered throughout all year groups. Key concepts are taught first to help prepare children to make connections and spot patterns which in turn pave the way to mastery. Children will revisit previous learning through a spiral curriculum to allow them to be able to develop conceptual understanding. To ensure this happens teachers knowledgeably assess each learner throughout their maths journey and tackle misconceptions swiftly when they present themselves through targeted support and conferencing. Each half term, our pupils complete Home Learning tasks linked to calculating and reasoning.

Our curriculum places a large emphasis on reasoning, oracy and vocabulary, these skills are consistently developed from EYFS. You can expect to see arithmetic skills taught in all lessons, children are therefore confident and demonstrate fluency. Times tables are: taught explicitly, checked regularly and celebrated throughout the school. Communications are planned to provoke verbal responses in all key stages, where children are capable of producing written explanations as well as drawings and diagrams to help explain their findings. Our children use maths oracy sentence stems to help them speak like mathematicians and learn how to justify their reasoning through detailed explanations of their methods.



Maths at Hazelbury enables children to become independent and resilient pupils who are able to use their knowledge to negotiate challenges drawing on their skills and understanding. When faced with challenges students are able to identify and resolve problems using appropriate strategies.

Upon leaving Hazelbury, students will have an enquired appreciation of how maths is applied in the wider world.



Children are provided with real-life experiences and opportunities to continue to explore maths through a range of clubs, competitions and booster groups including the following:


  • Maths competitions (including the Primary Maths Challenge and First Mathematics Challenge)
  • Times Tables Rockstar Tournaments
  • KS1 and KS2 School Led Tuition
  • MoneySense workshops from Natwest