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Let's Talk About British Values

At Hazelbury the children learn about and discuss British values and why they are important in our lives. To support this learning we use Picture News, which provides prompts for discussion around these values. Please see below an issue for discussion that you can have with your children at home, which will promote the values as well as speaking and listening skills. It is also an opportunity for you to be involved in your children’s learning.

Discussion topic:

Should all children receive free fruit at school?

The Soil Association, the leading UK’s food and farming charity, has criticised the government’s £40million scheme to get school children to eat more fruit and vegetables. It argues that it is actually putting them off their greens! The charity says pupils are being given produce lacking in flavor and it is calling for a review!

Discuss at home:

- How many fruit and vegetables do you have in your diet outside of school?

- Do you enjoy the fruit and vegetables in school?

- Do you think it is a good idea to offer free fruit in school? Do you think more children will eat more fruit and vegetables because of it?