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Creative Home Learning Examples!

Please find below examples of how children have presented their home learning projects. 

Year 6 Home Learning Project-  Faces that Changed History

In HLQ, we were learning about famous people that have changed history. As part of my home learning project I decided to make a 3D model of Emmeline Pankhurst.  Emmile Pankhurst was born on the 14th of July 1858. She was the founder of the womans social and political union (suffragettes).  Many of these women suffered to ensure that woman today have the right to vote and be counted.  Sadly, Emmile Pankhurst died on the 14th of June 1928. Gamze

Year 5 Home Learning Project - Law and Order

This is my homemade courtroom. Firstly, I looked at different pictures of courtrooms so I could understand what it looked like. Next I put all the lego pieces together to build the walls. After that, I built the hammer stand for my homework piece to stand out. Next, I expanded the wall with more lego. Now my masterpiece looks like a small animated courtroom. Edi

Year 5 Home Learning Project - It's all Greek to me!


Year 3 Home Learning Project - The Rolling Stones


Year 3 Home Learning Project - Ave Caeser!


Year 2 Home Learning Project - Innovation Station




Reception Home Learning Project - Commotion in the Ocean



Reception Home Learning Project - Our Heroes