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Hazelbury Parliament Update

Ruby Family MPs give us our half termly update.

Greetings, we are Joseph and Ellie and we are the Ruby family MPs. We have recently met with our family councillors and have discussed the views of the school on the agenda we set last half-term. We then had our MP meeting with Laura Taylor to feedback these views and together found solutions.

 Across the school we discussed the idea of having a ‘Behaviour for Eating Code’. We are going to ask children for ideas about what could be included and then as MPs we will democratically choose the final code. We will then introduce this to children in an assembly later in the year.

Next on our agenda was anti-bullying week. After studying this in lessons, the school decided that putting worry boxes in each class would help with any concerns that children may have. Our councillors reported that children are feeling happy in school and that they feel they can speak to an adult if there is ever a problem.

Finally we discussed playtime/lunchtime activities. Many children requested more four-square grids on the playground. This was agreed by Laura and will be completed in the new year. We are also going to create a reading and creative area that children can use, as well as having music in the Year 5 and 6 Playground.